Cultural events

Every year the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Larissa
“Tiritomba” is a municipal theatre that has been giving successful performances in Greece and abroad.
From June to September concerts and performances are given at the Alkazar theatre and the Aesthetic Small Wood of Relaxation.
The night club “MILOS 1927” (mill) has been restored by the Municipality of Larissa and perfectly expresses the present-day music trends.

Mediterranean Festival of Young Film-makers
This Festival is organized in March every year. Apart from having been established as an institution of both Larissa and Greece, the Mediterranean Festival of young
film-makers contributes to making known the town of Larissa all over the world.

A Tribute to the 'Lost Homeland'
Ever since the Greeks were forced to abandon the “Lost Homeland”, the modern Greeks’ (Kappadocean’s) Cultural Association in Larissa have been organizing manifestations as a homage to their “Lost Homeland”. These manifestations include lectures, photographic exhibitions, scientific announcements and performances that combine dances with music.

They are held in October every two years in commemoration of Hippocrates, the Father of medicine.

These manifestations are held in May every year on the occasion of the feast of Saint Achilles.

Choral Festival of the Musical Association in Larissa
It takes place in October every year. It constitutes one of the major musical events of the year while its fame has cut across the Greek and Balkan borders.
organizes performances, literary and musical evenings, film projections, puppet shows, art and photographic exhibitions.
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