Minicipal Art Gallery-G.I Katsigra Museum

It was founded in 1983. G.I.Katsigras, a surgeon from Larissa who was an art-lover, donated 700 paintings to the museum. These paintings constituted the nucleus of the gallery.

These paintings are works of Greek artists and span a period from the 19th century to the 20th century (1960). This collection is considered to be the third most important collection after Koutlidi’s collection and the National Gallery collection. Another 210 Greek artists’ paintings that belonged to the municipal collection have been added to G.I.Katsigra collection.

The major activities of the gallery are:

  • A workshop for the artistic training of adults and children.
  • Lessons of painting, hagiography, mosaic and ceramic art are also available here.
  • There is also a workshop of puppet-show.
  • Educational programs are intended for junior and senior high-school pupils.
  • Catalogues of exhibitions, posters and photo albums are published.
  • Exhibitions are organized in collaboration with Greek and foreign organizations.

For further information: 59 Rousvelt, 11222 Larissa, tel: 2410-621205.

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