Museum of the Battle of Sarantaporo in 1912

Uncle Christos, a warrior in the war of 1940, owned a mill next to an inn known as Hatzigogo’s inn.

During the battle of theGreeks against the Turks that took place on 8th October 1912, the inn was used as Constantinos’, the Heir’s to the throne, headquarters.

Uncle Hristos with really good taste and all by himself tried to keep it up so that it wouldn’t collapse. Afterwards, he appealed to the General Staff in order that a monument be erected as tribute to the memory of the soldiers killed in action and that the inn be made into a museum. He finally achieved his purpose and nowadays this small building houses the arms that were used in that battle, the regimentals, newspapers with publications of those days and an audiovisual map.

Visitors can listen to the narration of the battle while the Greek and Turkish troop movements appear lighted on the map. This museum usually attracts a lot of schools and associations from the entire country.

For further information call: 24930-94220

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