Folklore Historical Museum of Larissa

The Folklore Society of Larissa that was founded in 1974 founded the Folklore Historical Museum of Larissa in 1983.

Some of its activities are:

  • The conclusions of the ethnographic researches into the region are made known.
  • The material is recorded, classified, filed while a photographic file is created.
  • Congresses, meetings, seminars of history, traditional technology, folklore, museology as well as other similar activities are organized.
  • Educational programs intended for 6 to 13-year-old children.
  • Information is given to the local associations about the national costumes of groups of folk musicians, the collection and conservation of the exhibits of museums, the organization and the presentation of folklore exhibitions.

There are about eight thousand exhibits at the museum that perfectly represent the traditional and middle-class way of living of the pre-industrial period. There are also works of religious art, old works of engraving, maps, old photographs, files as well as works of modern artists (of plastic arts) with themes of the Thessalian tradition. The library of the museum contains 1,400 books.

For further information call 2410-287516. Address: 23 Kouma, 41223

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