Historic Settlement of Ampelakia

The preservable historic settlement of Ambelakia is situated on the north-western slopes of mount Kissavos at 31 km away from Larissa.The first co-operative in the world that was called “Common Company and Fraternity of Ambelakia” was founded at Ambelakia in 1778.

The dyeing of fibres and the cotton fabrics trade constituted the object of the co-operative. So, this settlement prospered in all sectors. The mansions that have been preserved up to this day are representative of that prosperity while George Mavros’ or Schwartz’s mansion is the most significant mansion that has been preserved.
During the German Occupation period there was a printing-office of the National Resistance of Ambelakia.

Nowadays, the inhabitants of Ambelakia deal in agriculture, cattle-breeding and tourism. A lot of religious festivals take place in Saint George’s and Saint Elijah’s country churches. The Castle of Oria that is situated on the edge of a craggy rock controlled the narrow pass of Tembi. The Post-Byzantine churches and their rare icons are really interesting. The “Maniarios School” had been open up to 1930 while today it houses the Primary School.

There is also an exhibition of objects dating from the early part of the 19th century. The internation path 02 that crosses mount Kissavos passes through Ambelakia.

Mula's mansion houses the Folklore Historic Museum of Ambelakia. Various objects that are representative of the agricultural life, of the pastoral life and of the small industry of Ambelakia as well as everyday life objects of its inhabitants are exhibited along with rare works of art that date from the Pre-Revolutionary era and the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

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