Kalipefki (Nezeros)

Kalipefki is 56 km away from Larissa (in the north-east) and belongs to the municipality of Gonni. It has been Stergios Hatzikostas’ (one of Riga’s collaborators) homeland. Its inhabitants deal in agriculture,
cattle-breeding and woodcutting.

The soil of the plateau of Kalipefki that is fit for cultivation today was created in 1911 after the Askourida lake had been drained. On the Holy Spirit day a festival is organized during which a lot of people gather in the Holy Trinity country church and entertain themselves with traditional folklore music and a great feast. There is also a wonderful recreation ground at 1500 m above sea level, on the spot of “Katis” where an artificial lake has been created in a fascinating landscape overgrown with beeches and fir-trees.

Patomeni is another beauty spot overrun with pine-trees where there is also a beautiful fountain.
The peak of “Metamorfosis” (Transfiguration) is the highest peak of the Low part of mount Olympus and offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. The demarcation lines on the locations of Merkedi and Koutres constitute remnants of the Ottoman domination period while the stone bridge situated at “Alonia” which dates from the early 20th century has been preserved from the wear and tear of time.

It is also worth mentioning the churches dedicated to Saint Apostoli, Saint Paraskevi and Saint Theodori that belong to the settlement. The “perdikes” (partridges) constitute a very interesting custom that is revived at Saint Athanasios’ country church on May 2 every year.
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