Metaxohori (Retsiani-Melissi)

Metaxohori belongs to the Municipality of Agia and is 230 meters above sea level. It borders on Agia. In earlier times it was known as Retsiani while in 1927 it was named Melissi and in 1929 Metaxhohori.The largest part of its population deals in the culture of fruit trees.

Festivities are organized at the village square on 15th August, on Saint Georgios’ day and on Saint Efstathios’cherry fête is held.

The entire region has a lot of monasteries and churches. The monastery dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary has excellent wall paintings and a woodcut icon screen that date from the 18th century. The monastery of Saint Georgios (1663) has wall paintings made by Chionadite painters (1843-1852) as well as the church of Saint Paraskevi.

In the 18th century, water was carried to the monastery of Saint Efstathios with arches(aquaducts). In 1900, Saint Nicolaos’ church (1900) was built in order that the older one dating from 1641 be replaced.

It is also worth mentioning the architecture of the region. The 19th century mansions of Hatzimihalis, of Souliotis, Vatzia, Danilouli and Bost constitute architectural treasures of the region. Moreover, the Cultural Centre that nowadays houses the Folklore Museum and religious treasures as well as the girl's school are among its most interesting buildings.

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