Paleopirgos (Nihteremi)

Paleopirgos is 45 km away from the town of Larissa and belongs to the Municipality of Evrimenon. The settlement was possibly founded in the 17th century A.D. It is situated on the banks of Pinios river and near its estuary. Its name is derived from a Byzantine or West European tower that was situated on the same location in older times. The village is also mentioned in Andrea Karkavitsa’s book entitled “The beggar”. Its inhabitants deal in agriculture,cattle-breeding and fishing.

Saint Constantino’s and Saint Eleni’s church celebrates with a traditional feast at the square of the village on 21st May while the country church which is dedicated to Saint Nektarios celebrates on November 9.
The delta of Pinios river has become part of the 2000 European net and also constitutes a very important biotope as rare birds as well as predatory birds (vultures, birds of prey) nest, winter or pass through it.

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