Rapsani was founded in the 10th century. It is at 550 m. above sea level and belongs to the municipality of Kato Olympus. It also takes in the settlement of Perataria. Its inhabitants mainly deal in viniculture, in agriculture and in cattle-breeding.

Its is worth visiting its two caves for their rich stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover, the monastery of Saint Theodori (1778) that is situated in the forest of Rapsani, the 18th century church dedicated to the Transfiguration as well as John the Baptist’s country church are among its most important tourist attractions. The local Folklore Museum is under construction.

At Rapsani, the Women’s Educative, Cultural and Folklore Society displays a lot of activities such as the one of preparing traditional sweets and pies. Fêtes are organized at the village square with festivities on the 15th August, on Saint Theodori’s day and on March 5 when Saint Georgios, the martyr from Rapsani, is celebrated.

On the third ten days of August the Wine Fête of
the wine-makers’ co-operative takes place. The Fête includes a lot of dances, traditional food and wine.
Shrove Monday is celebrated in a traditional manner. On that day wine, bean soup and lenten food are served for free to visitors.

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