Monastery of the Ancension of Christ at Sukia

Northeast of the village of Silia, 3 km away from it, near the refugees’ settlement of the Ascension the monastery of the Ascension of Christ is located.

It was founded by the monks Ioakim, Ioanni and Dionysio in 1650. It was a monastery dependency of the monastery of Paleokaria and one of the five monasteries of Elassona that were under the authority of the Patriarchate. The monastery had a big fortune that it used to relieve the poor, to pay the teachers of the surrounding area and to assist financially the Macedonian War of Independence.

It had cells, a guests’ house, warehouses and an “Episcopal throne”. It was burnt down by the Germans in 1943 and in 1965 due to recklessness. The damages have been repaired recently and the monastery has been restored completely.
The nave is a typical example of a cruciform Athonian nave and has an octagonal dome. It’s also worth mentioning its icon screen (1766), its wall paintings (1778), its icons and its inscriptions.

On the day of its feast, holy water gushes from a little well while it remains day throughout the year.

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