Monastery of Kanala at Karia

It is situated in the east of Karia at the entrance to a narrow passage that joins the valley of Ziliana with Pieria. It has been given the name of Kanala because of the four torrents (canals) that rose near the monastery and formed Ziliana stream.

According to the tradition, it was founded by the monks Damiano and Ioakim in the 11th century and prospered in the 17th century. The nave is a building that dates from 1833 and has replaced the older one dedicated to the Birth of Virgin Mary. It has wonderful religious paintings. According to the founder’s inscription, Saint Dimitrios chapel was founded in 1681. Its religious paintings were completed in 1696.

The oldest building that has been preserved in the altar is located in the north precinct of the nave; however, the date of its construction is not known yet. On September 8, day of its feast, the monastery is swarming with visitors.
The Monastery is derelict today; a part of its precinct in the east where the monks’cells used to be, has been destroyed, too.

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