Anatoli (Selitsiani)

The village of Anatoli belongs to the Municipality of Lakeria and is situated on the southern slopes of mount Kissavos, at 1,000m above sea-level. According to some historic sources it has been founded by Slav cattle-breeders and farmers.Captain Kissavos’ battles are inextricably interwoven with the Resistance action of the village.

Its inhabitants deal in agriculture and cattle-breeding.
John the Baptist’s monastery that was founded by Saint Damianos Mirokovitis in 1550 constitutes one of the monuments that are worth visiting.

After being destroyed it was rebuilt in 1797 and was decorated with wonderful wall paintings. There are also some more Christian buildings such as Saint Athanasios’ church the wall paintings of which date from 1553, Saint Nicolaos’ country church (1645), Saint Panteleimono’s country church (1641) and the church dedicated to Holy Trinity (1781) while precious religious treasures dating from the 17th century are exhibited in a room of Saint Georgios’ church.

The stone bridge at the center of the settlement as well as Archontouli’s and Georgouli’s buildings constitute typical examples of the traditional architecture of the village. It should also be mentioned that there is a photographic exhibition at the Cultural Centre. Moreover, every year the tradition of “Aloni” is revived on Saint Panteleimon’s stone threshing floor.

There are also forests overgrown with beeches, fir-trees where there are wild animals, too.In addition to this, the village summer festivities attract a lot of visitors every year.

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