Monastery of Saint Dimitrios at Tsaritsani (Valetsiko)

It is situated in the northeast of Tsaritsani and dates from the 16th century and has been labeled as a scheduled building.

Its second name, “Valetsiko”, derives from the Slavic word “Valetsiko” which means a little child. According to the tradition, a Serb officer had the church built in token of his gratitude and faith to Saint Dimitrios who had saved his sick son.

The lead seal that has been found in the monastery reveals the fact that the monastery was in touch with the Patriarchate. During the Turkish domination the monastery served as the headquarters of the revolutionary operations.
Saint Athanasios’ nearby monastery (1611) had been a monastery dependency.

A large number of pilgrims visit the monastery in order to worship Saint Dimitrios who performed a miracle on October 28,1905.

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