Monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and to Saint Dimitrios at Stomio

In the old days it was known as “Comninian monastery”. There are two versions about this name: either it was named after emperor Alexios Comninos who had been the founder of the monastery (although there is no written evidence about this version) or its name derives from the name of a nearby village known as Konomio or Ikonomio. Although the date of the foundation is not known, it is assumed that it was founded before 1492 when the monastery was restored by Akakio, the bishop of Petra of Olympus.

The ancient Greek pillars that have been preserved in the centre of the precinct of the monastery establish the fact that on the same spot there was an ancient temple probably dedicated to god Poseidon while some inscriptions and sculpted pieces of work found on the spot reveal that a nave and an early Christian church dating from the 4th or 5th century existed there.

In 1758 the religious paintings of the nave were made while in 1792 the monastery was restored again. In 1868 it was burnt down. Nowadays, it is worth mentioning the rare beauty of the outside of the monastery.

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